Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nokia 5500 Sport Music Edition

Music phones in the world there are many. There are a lot of sports. And both fairly close-machines are available to active young people leading hectic, sometimes extreme lifestyles. So why not combine the "Sports" and "music" in one device? Meet-the Nokia 5500 Music Edition Sport.

Nokia 5500 Music Edition Nokia 5500 Music Edition

Black and orange hull is seen as a youth version, so devoted audience of potential buyers-active young people. Box, which is the Nokia 5500 Sport ME, suspiciously high, and without reflection, because of the musical version of the assembly added sports accessories. It is not clear why it was not possible to them and the "normal" version, it is possible to the music phone, they do not have any.

Nokia 5500 Music Edition Nokia 5500 Music Edition

Most of all we liked the stylish belt with a special insert for fixing phone and a small pocket, reflective material covered in this pocket can be, for example, keys. becoming a part worn on the shoulder anchorage. In addition, we have found at the wrist band and another strange piece, vognavshuyu us for some time suspended. Instruction about it said nothing had to call hotline Nokia to know for sure is an attachment to a bicycle.

Nokia 5500 Music Edition Nokia 5500 Music Edition

mp3 - player

Some of the most player. Run it through a button switch modes, located on the right side smartphone. The main way to control the player using the remote, to connect your phone and headphones. There are buttons: Play, Fast in both parties (also serves as a transition between tracks), control volume, answering the call button and the button Push-to-Talk. The buttons are not easy to work perfectly, especially volume - they are too stringent. On the other hand, excludes accidental pressing. Cash is secured through stop at any convenient place, you just do not forget that there is a microphone headset. By remote control any earphones connected to a standard 3.5 mm connector, the remote interface is familiar in the form of POP port. Thus, you can connect to any infra headset with 3.5 mm plug, which when connected to the remote control transformed into a headset, it is in remote vmontirovan microphone. And if the nest was 3.5 mm on the phone, then use their own headphones during conversation had to hold the phone with mouth, it does not own a headset microphone.

Nokia 5500 Music Edition Nokia 5500 Music Edition
Nokia 5500 Music Edition Nokia 5500 Music Edition

For the first time players will search all music files in the memory device and add them to the library. Further work was carried out with albums and performers, rather than files and folders. Supports play lists, the number is not limited. In addition to custom, there are three dynamic list: frequently used, and lost recent past added. Play lists can be played in sequence or at random, with repetitive compositions in reaching the end of the list or not. Options include: EQ (5 + custom preset, pyatipolosny), the balance of sound, reverb (5 plants), more stereo, strengthening the lower frequencies. With these adjustments can choose for themselves the best sound quality.


Nokia 5500 Music Edition is not the best choice for music phones. But we must realize that this is not just music phone - especially securely protected machine with features smartphone. When you go fishing or trekking, listen to music at normal music phone is not only inconvenient but also dangerous, or the slightest material drop tubes, and you ostanetes not only without music, but without context. For Nokia 5500 such problems do not exist: entertainment, sports and business function machine available to you in any extreme conditions.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Sony Ericsson W950i:Docile and musical

Last smartphones (P990i, M600i, W950i) working under the operating system Symbian OS v9.1, the name of the platform-UIQ 3.0. Simple user is not aware of what is not said is that the Russian language say the main conclusion: the new "smart" program of "old" mobile computers is not. If you own a P910i, purchase replacement P990i, then it will again seek every program. In the case of W950i/M600i-the same.

Тест смартфона Sony Ericsson W950i

The situation is similar to the one that occurred with the click Nokia: this year a second version of S60 platform, the programme for which the "old" Finnish stop inappropriate. But Nokia quickly corrected the situation - now find the program or game to the last "nokia" stop-little problem. Why not say a "smart" Sony Ericsson. And application developers can understand: according MForum Analytics stop Nokia share on the Russian market is almost an order of magnitude higher than that of Fuel Sony Ericsson (65% to 8%). The more devices in the hands of a single platform, to benefit developers create applications under it. UIQ 3.0 platform is not a popular and this explains so sparse range of programmes. For example, the site for Sony Ericsson W950i we found only four games for the Nokia 3250 (third version S60), 12. At another site division was 12 to 150 in favour of infra.

So a vicious circle: consumers prefer nokia because it is easier to program and developers write programs based on the preferences of the users.

In fact the model is well-known to us smartphone M600i. The company continues the tradition of "paired" production model "Volkman" + "normal" (enough to remember W800i and K750i, W710i and Z710i). However, unlike predecessors W950i different from M600i not only "volkmanovskim" design, but functionality: losing a slot for removable memory card, the model has built in flash memory of 4 GB on this parameter "sonerik" shares leadership with other muzofonom - Nokia N91, but the last memory realized on the hard drive, preferably less (flash module physically reliable kompaktnee and cheaper). Among other differences W950i of M600i-built radio and a separate control buttons player.

Sony Ericsson W950i Sony Ericsson W950i

Sony Ericsson W950i Sony Ericsson W950i Sony Ericsson W950i


Sony Ericsson W950i

The display is a model of meritocracy. Big physical size, high resolution, good color-some of the success combined. Compared with competitors, then the device using Windows Mobile, such as Qtek 9100 or S200 diagonal screen is 0.2 inches longer at that positively affects usability. Supported input information, but this is the dignity of the software than the display.

Memory and operations with files

Declared memory to 4 GB. In fact, there are two equal parts: size 62 MB - "internal" memory and 3907 MB - "multimedia" part. Support for flash cards is, and not as they are needed in this case.

A file manager has only one limitation: it does not give you access to system folders (at least by means that are inherently). Otherwise, the full freedom of action: copying, moving and deleting files, creating arbitrary folder, choose several files. Format can be built separately and multimedia memory.

MP3- player

Sony Ericsson W950i Sony Ericsson W950i Sony Ericsson W950i

MP3- player is a key application smartphone. Run it can be presented: the "Desk" Walkman clicking on the logo, the "Desk" clicking on the shortcut menu prompt, click "W" on the main keyboard, through the main menu, in the background holding side buttons Play.

The quality of play is, the volume if you can. If someone is not satisfied with frequency, it can be corrected EQ. Unfortunately there is no manual-only preset (10 pieces + megabas "). Russian tags are not supported. When incoming call tones interrupted only for the call, then continues with its current location. For fans of "cutting" There are several types of visualization. When the player we fall into a section of the library. The first step is to update, scan all folders for music. It takes about five minutes to complete memory syndrome. In the future, search music is not on the physical location of files and folders, and the performers, albums and tracks. This concept proved to be convenient and used in the vast majority of players for all platforms. In addition, creating automated play lists on mood or rated (set during playing songs), frequency or time playback. Of course, you can create your own play lists. During the player's choice of songs from the current list are playing wheel, the screen appears popup menu.

Player works in the background, while the desktop can be controlled with a switch between your buttons 1-3, which change their function in the selection of line with the name of the current song. Apart from wired, wireless headphones and support. Jabra BT620s worked with the phone correctly, up to 6 meters. At the same distance, but with a concrete wall between the phone and headset were off. The quality of play without EQ than with the wired headset. Time continuous playback with a wired headset, about 15 hours, with wireless-noticeably smaller.


Sony Ericsson W950i Sony Ericsson W950i

A voice has a large stock of the dynamics of the volume, but at a maximum clarity to vote someone suffers.

Polyphonic speaker at the back of the house and looks like three holes, prolonged small orange vinyl. The quality of one of the best among phones. W950i can be used to play background music during meetings with friends. Note to set different volume for voice signals, messages and reminders.


Battery disappointed, a little more days in the standby mode was not a good indicator. Experience shows that using Bluetooth, listen to music or play, the time will be even less.


Without the built-camera phone can not be considered a massive niche solution for those who want a good music player and opportunities smartphone. We are more than confident that it will soon be seen from Sony Ericsson model, similar to the characteristics of W950i, but with a camera and possibly an enlarged pool of memory. Among the "music phones" around one of the best solutions, but consumers are willing to pay for it so narrowly pozitsionirovanny product rather large sum-issue. One clear-hit smartphone unlikely to become.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Nokia 8600 Luna

The model 8600 Nokia Luna, we see many new and interesting design decisions, especially light. Telephone as a "breathing" smoothly flashes lights, the design of menu picks, generally live a full life. In conjunction with the stylish design of the Nokia 8800 is not connoisseurs may not enjoy the beautiful and unique things.

Nokia 8600 Luna Nokia 8600 Luna

Luna apparently similar to the Nokia 8800 model, in particular its changed Sirocco Edition. But take new extension 8800, it would be wrong. It incorrectly considered simplifying 8600 8800 to reduce its costs and thereby increase audience apparatus from those who could not yet afford the most expensive Finnish phone manufacturer. Obviously 8600 and 8800 - and like the same form factor, and the way the opening notification, and keyboard, and design in general. But how will move Luna, as it positions, we can safely say, of any continuity with the 8800 can not read the speech. Nokia 8800 is a unique brand, which everyone associated with expensive phones. Price albeit high, but significantly lower (even in the time of the sale Luna at 200 euros cheaper "Sirocco", in the future, only increase the gap). Secondly, the new positions would not be as a head model in the segment "image". That is, in the same category as, for example, and L'Amour series. Previously, it was home for the Nokia 7390, now occupies the throne Luna.

Nokia 8600 Luna

Because the new 100% - phone image, the appearance apparatus focused developers. There was no design innovations: the notification made both: top tube leave, and the cover is connected to the main part remains fixed in his hand. Automatic spring, as in 8910, no-Slider must move the finger itself, but clearly works avtodovodchik.

The main feature of this machine-it built theme menu and tranlucent dark lid same, which should keep the phone: lights visible through a digital keys, and used as designers. For example, the phone can "breathe": idle lights suddenly broke out smoothly and does not thrive, thereby attracting the attention of bystanders. The same applies to me-reading lights on the screen, stream flows, which is extremely beautiful.

The main concept of "Moon", which will be developed in future Nokia phones - individuality of each model. That is, if we take two "Moon" and put next to each other, they will be different, making each phone unique. The difference arises because the phone out so many (tentatively their 7), and how to use the current system solves itself. Seems so that the screensaver and background image change by themselves, on an algorithm known only to developers Nokia (for some information to make decisions affecting the telephone number of factors, such as level of battery life). Your phone is always different from what is the feeling that it live. And like any other living beings, Luna claim individuality. Of course, all these options can be turned off.

Skeleton of new items of steel, but it can be determined that of weight - apparently little metal itself: it is covered with soft rear pleasant to the touch soft-touch plastic, and the lower part of the shell closes tranlucent metal lid. According to feel an easy tranlucent plastic. Plus it that through the "haze" seen pulsating light keyboard. Less so, as any other element of design, the impracticability: glossy surface of the cover quickly getting dirty, wipe-it is useless to hang in the arm as a getting dirty again. Besides known as povedet a machine in the fall: as shown tests are particularly high for a strong likelihood of attack and therefore deformation, the upper and lower front and especially the corners. Therefore, to make 8600 a treasured.

On the tube easily treated with one hand: a finger is placed on sharpen easily and pushes up Slider. The mechanism works well. Talking on the phone is not opening all of his main options available already. The upper part contains a keyboard, display and performance-it moving. The lower part is the cover, camera, battery, it does not moving.

Nokia 8600 Luna

Nokia 8600 Luna

If open Slider, you will have a digital keyboard-it is convenient, with the exception of the lower number of buttons: buttons made close to the edge of the cover, which also goes up. The main feature of the keyboard-tranlucent cap, which is visible through a backlight button.

Unlike predecessors, sliders, "Luna" need to open each time: in the stowed phone user can navigation button, programmable soft-buttons, buttons "Call" and "Cansel." So work with me and talk on the phone and can be so, given that the navigation unit, as opposed to digital buttons very convenient, uneven, finished.


In Luna used more types of batteries as compared to what we see in 8800 and 8800 Sirocco Edition. This time in a telephone conversation increased from 3 to 3.7 hours. With characteristic: in 8600 applied common batteries used in many models: 7390, 5700, etc. And "Sirocco" is a rare BP-6X battery, which made specifically for this model, and therefore cost more normal, and found it difficult. Luna did not know of such problems.


In stereo apparatus used, which provides two dynamics, spread on the sides of the phone, right and left of the display. Dimensions "hearing" holes inspire respect, but as a new sound near thing from the other "stereo-phones - Nokia 6233, N73 and 6290. She even slightly loses 6233, but not on volume but on the beauty of sound, "Luna" is not enough low frequencies. However, it still sounds better than any mono-2 machine dynamics originate. What is interesting: the dynamics are on fixed phone parts and holes, hidden in the grid-sheet. It turns out that the administration revealed gaps do not coincide with speakers, and through openings can be viewed through the tube. But at the sound of that fact does not affect equally well-mobile "sing" as opened, and closed.


Nokia 8600 LunaNokia 8600 Luna

In the apparatus used familiar to us prior-screen machines Nokia 320 х240 16 million flowers. Because of the dark protective glasses think that the picture is darker than usual. But for the convenience of this is not affected. But the display perfectly fit into the design of "Luna."

MP3- player

MP3- player, and camera, a secondary option. You can listen to music. Besides regular headphones HS-47 is far from ideal. Own headset with 3.5 mm plug can be connected theory, but it must be used prior two: house-to 2.5 mm at microUSB, and further, to 3.5 to 2.5 mm. Hardly anyone likes produced by the construction.


Nokia 8600 Luna-top model Finnish manufacturer in the class "image", it will remain so at least until the end of 2007. Similarities with the Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition allows it to cost more conventional machine of this class. For that the buyer pays "Luna" understandable at first glance to Slider, much work had been done over the appearance and the way. Telephone unique, and it is a fact. And each is unique released in the light tube-identity faceless electronic unit attached to a perception that she is living their lives. Functionality force at second place, that people do not enjoy practical. They do not pay attention to a 8600, because it will often resistant to fingerprints and generally treat it with care and sensitivity is not preserved and possibly be in the leather bag from a kit. Luna requires greater attention, suggesting that predominantly female audience phone.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sony Ericsson T650i

The top half of the shell is made of stainless steel buttons on the numeric keyboard are less than half normal, but instead of the traditional for this series, we see central button navigation keys, little pro-level front panel. Screen protected mineral glass, not allowing the emergence of scratches. Interesting detail: splash screen works with backlight keys to result in the peculiar light wave, coming from the bottom up.

Besides standard GSM and EDGE 900/1800/1900 networks, T650i phone network supports the work of the third generation in the standard UMTS (W-CDMA) 2100. Among other communications on board Bluetooth 2.0 and the ability to synchronize with a PC for USB. Supported operating "on the plane", in which GSM and 3G- modules disabled.

The apparatus is equipped with a Lithium polymer battery capacity of 900 mA / h, giving, according to the manufacturer, until 7:00 in the talk and up to 300 hours in standby mode.

Phone available in olive and dark blue color decisions.


The upper part (just over half) shell made of stainless steel, the lower-plastic. In the metal part is the front screen, speaker, microphone and video camera for two function keys, the "plastic" - 12 digital keys, and four functional. At the back of the positions: 3.2-megapixels camera, speaker and LED. The latter can work as a backlight to focus camera flash, your flashlight and a transmitter signal SOS (!) , Migaya standard sequence beginning of Morse: ". . . - --. . . "

At the upper end are the button and turn off the phone slider for opening the cover. On the sides of the positions: Button enable camera (she also launch a virtual slide and film begins), the standard double «+/-» and headset jack for connection, interface cable and charger. Also displayed on the left end of the connector for memory cards, but its installation will withdraw cover. At the lower end are the microphone and holes for fastening strap.

In general, phone collected religious, conveniently rests in his hand, a steel part attaches pleasant gravity.


By design digital keyboard developers clearly come to love: it is not similar to any other. Square numeric keys measuring about 1 mm x at first glance looked more absurd and recall the "very stylish" phones, which have turned out completely dysfunctional. But not in this case: in the tests revealed that this form of keys inconvenient for girls with very long nails. (No girl with long nails during testing is not affected.) In fact, small size keys certainly would not to make a mistake. Proceedings of the key short and clear, play was not observed.

Navigational buttons, replaced the traditional button, unfortunately, are not always convenient. Because they have virtually no dimensions for the front, often with them press keys out and "C".
Sami keys "Exit" and "C" fitted plywood edges on the outside of. These edges are themselves separate keys. By pressing the left launches Web browser, downloading homepage, right-click on a user enters a menu with four tabs: "New developments", "Hot keys" and "Internet".

Display and interface

The device is equipped with a TFT display with QVGA 1.9-inch-diagonal, which is a 240 error points, the number of displayed colors-262 thousand The display is protected from outside influences and scratches special mineral glass.

On the screen shows 262 thousand flowers. You can choose from five levels of brightness, from 50% to 100%. In place of conventional electric lighting minimum brightness will be enough for comfortable work with the phone. Unfortunately, the function of adjusting the length of lights in the standby mode on the phone no.

At the desktop, you can put static or dynamic image, the image can also be set as a screensaver. In addition, a standard feature of zametki- "sticker."

In regimes Internet surfing, browsing and video cameras and pictures can change the orientation of the screen.


Phone is equipped with two cameras. At the front is 0,3 - megapixels phonevision chamber, and the full-back, to 3.2 Mp. Clearly, the first cell to say nothing, except that it is. And so will the second.

The cell has functions such as three-fold increase in digital, automatic focus, Macro and flash, it is the same illuminance. A snapshot picture of 2048 points, the average size photo-700-800 Kb. Sometimes you press the activation mode camera images to appear in the viewfinder is about 4 seconds.

Photos made using this apparatus, it is with the quality of digital images inexpensive "soapboxes" - that, indeed, necessary.

With cameras also can be removed videos with sound in 3GP format, length depends on the amount of free memory.

In regimes photos and videos can include night mode shooting. There is also an option to choose one of five preset white balance modes.


My phone intuitively understood, and to understand it is not working. The main menu contains 12 items, standard phones for Sony Ericsson: PlayNow (fast download music from the site Sony Ericsson), "Internet services", "Entertainment", "Camera", "Communications", "Player", "File Manager" "Contacts", "Budilniki", "Call", "Organizer" and "parameters".

If you are unfortunate time to go through many paragraphs and subparagraphs to the necessary, you can always make it to the list quick call, which can be reached by clicking the right of dual functional keys "X". Or you can rebind as navigation buttons to launch any application.

Long push the numeric keys (except for "one") is a telephone book, in which the cursor is on the first contact whose name begins with a letter.


Well, the line of reasoning fail, and see what conclusions can be drawn from the above. My conclusion is: T650i more than worthy successor T610i, embodied in the full dignity terminal business: it has everything you need and nothing extra.

+ original and practical design

+ Support for 3G

+ Good camera

- It is not convenient navigation keys

Vertu Ascent Orange

In the design of this model Vertu dominant Yes, the victory "V". These letters adorns the top of the front (inside the letters fit momentum for calls). The upper rear part of a mobile phone Vertu Ascent Orange Leather and tortsy ostrich skin leather tanning hand, and back cover is decorated with embossed logo Vertu.

At the keyboard, and the shell combined two-stainless steel material and the unique "liquid alloy. He became stronger and flexible titanium, extremely resistant to mechanical effects and deformation. Battery compartment covers metal lid with a latch locks. To open it for a SIM card, require special Screwdriver InterBase. Display Vertu Ascent Orange protected phenomenal resistant to scratches resistant glass. Black glossy surface around it is a unique resistant ceramics. Recruitment emphasized exclusive content serves one purpose: to create a device that will successfully serve the owner for many years. The same applies to all parts of the Vertu Ascent Orange Leather.

Nokia 5700 XpressMusic

Recently, the company introduced the new Nokia 3G- smartphone Nokia XpressMusic 5700, which, according to the company, is a conceptual design of turning mechanism to switch between four modes-music player, 2-Mpixels camera video call and smartphone. As company Nokia explicitly stated that the Nokia 5700 smartphone XpressMusic guiding mainly on its use as a music player, we have decided to focus on testing only one party novelties, namely the assessment of music as sound and music player Nokia 5700.

More closely with the design and machine design, you can see in our review of the Nokia 5700 Photo Xpress Music. " Our objective measure sound quality, and only, but also to meet with the player interface, we still decided to put some screens, we hope they will be useful for you.

Smartphone Nokia XpressMusic 5700, equipped with special audiochip and a mobile device with a special focus on music possible. " The model provides built-in stereo speakers to listen to music with friends and music player with support for the visual design of the album, audio visualization and 5-band EQ.

Nokia 5700 music player supports such file formats as WMA, MP3, and MP4 eAAC +, focuses on the possibility of downloading tunes from online music stores, where you can buy music using Windows Media Player Digital Rights management (WMDRM). The office supports stereo sound through Bluetooth, complete with smartphone comes wired stereo headset HS-44 with 2.5 mm plug and control panel with a 3.5-mm connector to which you can connect any stereo headphones.

Traditionally, for subjective evaluation of sound quality players we will use part of the set of headphones, and resort to the help of professional studio headphones Beyerdynamic DT 880. Using the same headset to test various phones, helps more objectively evaluate the sound quality of hearing. Test set of musical material, consists of 44 musical pieces covering almost all styles of music. Fragments chosen so that would be able to assess the quality and naturalness sound most common musical instruments, as a playback medium, low and high frequencies, purity and breadth of the stereo sound picture. All files are digitized with the original CD-ROMs and converted to MP3 format with a maximum 320-bit rate.

As you can see, in general, the player smartphone Nokia XpressMusic 5700 earned an objective assessment "well", which is certainly a great achievement for such a device. Since noise is fine, and the dynamic range and harmonic distortions no problems. There are problems with uneven match, which is why some compositions using live instruments (jazz, classical), we have seen too few, not live-sounding instruments. For contemporary music, where the sound of the living and almost no trace identified uneven response significant impact on the perception of musical material would not.

Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition

The company Nokia officially announced the release of the Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition, which has been a pattern whith rumours and assumptions.

Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition

Like predecessor, the Nokia 8800, Nokia 8800 model Sirocco Edition is a high image phone. He maintained slider form factor, but received some other design. The materials are also used hard-stainless steel in the tank and special protection against scratches surface display. Technically, the heir has been around for more advanced - is 2-Mp camera.

Music, which is used in the office, was written by Brian Eno (Brian Eno), the "father" musical genre music. Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition released in two versions - a bright color and dark. Recommended price is 1,000 euros, which is about 1280 dollars.


A unique collection of luxury mobile phones Monaco.

Company ISSE prepared this wonderful gift jazz connoisseurs introduced its new collection of luxury mobile phones Monaco.

With the best of Milan, Moscow and New York managed to create original model public innovative and bold jewellery pieces of art.

эксклюзивные телефоны, vip mobile phone

The front panel phone is made of gold or silver. Drawing using technology hot enamel, inlaid diamonds weighing up to 1.5 carats, natural rubies, grenades, Topaz. Display protects specially designed sapphire glass, nepodvlastnoe scratches. Multi-hand grinding, engraving, polishing the shell and its components, as well as various options cover-platinum, gold, silver or special resistant to damage colored enamel, further underscore the individuality of each of the options of models. Total requires more than 60 different unique process to create such a device.

For each phone ISSE Monaco, Italy, in keeping with the age-old tradition, hand made jewellery Box with a unique design of the individual pieces of rare wood, forming unusual shape and colour. Inside the containers is the original Swiss musical instrument. When all is ready, Box rose key singing and music while awaiting the next owner.

"Monaco is our third collection of exclusive phones," says Vladislav Mukhin, general director of ISSE, "It inspired us to create the atmosphere of brotherhood island European principality of Monaco. Each phone models in the collection is the desire to preserve and convey the emotions of beauty and splendour of Monaco-Top French coast resorts, luxury villas and yachts White, in the lush green foliage of exotic gardens, excitement and attract luxury peace Monte Carlo. "